SUMMITS AND CLIFFS: The summit (Endron peak, 2478 m, whose summit forms an Y seen from above, and a crest seen from the valley) is connected (combinessence of White Eagle, Barkhan Seer, Sons of Apollo…), and there is an astral structure: a crown with jewels (beings), the Black Madonna’s crown. The snow resonates with and reinforces the connection to the Light, due to its geometry (crystals). The snow is connected to the streams and sources through a sacred weave. Summits, especially if they are rocky ones, are interfaces of verticality (Light from Heaven and Fire from Earth) and horizontality (weaves, layers of energy). Energy wells match pillars of Light. There is an important connection with starlight. There is silent sound (involuting) and music. Interconnection with other mountains (Montsegur, Montserrat…).
BLACK MADONNA: Below the peak (Endron) a fluid and glowing blackness can be felt, as well as gold fire and there is an astral structure: a crown with jewels (beings), the Black Madonna’s crown. The Black Madonna wants to be worshipped here: ritual with fire, water, stones (preferably slate), and perhaps flowers, and chanting and some music. Vision of the Black Madonna (BM), awesome (4 times the size of the mountain), glowing blackness, colourless, brilliant, formless, majestic, wearing the Crown. Connection with ‘green’, water, ethericity, pristine. Pollution difficults BM manifestation, pollution of water especially. BM manifests elsewhere, although its abode is in Deep Underworlds. BM beings could be invoked so as to build an energy well with healing (or other suitable) purposes. After these visions I had a strong aspiration towards the BM connection, and then (10.10.2008 at 21:50) I noticed a click in my Point and – following it immediately – I turned upwards and saw a grand meteorite (almost a half of the apparent size of the Moon) igniting with its tail in flames crossing the night sky as if it were a comet descending to the Earth! I remained speechless although feeling a really awesome BM connection for several minutes: they were special effects Hollywood style, but unreally real! The following day I could feel the meteorite in the space, fiery, as well as the BM connection to stars. The stars fill and fulfil my heart, as well as the BM’s gold fire.
DOLMEN OF SEM: The construction of the dolmen – of Sem – was directed by an initiate (Artal or so), a very special man of medium age with noble bearing and remarkable integrity. He came from the British Isles, and was revered by all. He chose the place (he saw it was auspicious) and the rock (the dolmen table), which was granite (the rock of the place is limestone, what makes me wonder how easier it would have been to carve the limestone rock instead of raising a 20 ton granite stone to the hill top). There was an installation ceremony, once the dolmen was set. The dolmen was empowered (astral structure). The pillars (erected stones) of the dolmen are of secondary importance, being its horizontal stone the essential one: it lies suspended between earth and heaven, above and below, as the heart for humans. The verticality of above and below connects with the horizontal weave, acting the dolmen as a powerhouse for the weave. The dolmen also collects energy from starlight and rocky formations, cliffs. Beings of Light, as well as underworlds beings (black, Black Madonna related) helped the powerful man in the preparation of the dolmen connections. That dolmen of Sem is linked to another one (Montreal de Sos), which is the focus of a series of dolmens. The space below the table is very powerful for healing purposes, and fertility rituals. Just above the dolmen is appropriate for healing as well. There is a white being of Light on top of the dolmen, as well as several black underworld beings surrounding the energy well underneath. Both the pillar of Light and the energy well were built once the dolmen was in place. The dolmen is usually working ‘automatically’, even although it can be manned. A dolmen of this era could be named a ‘statue’.
SACRED WEAVE: The sacred weave is connecting water, land, trees, plants, cattle and people. The snow is connected to the streams and sources through a sacred weave.  The fountain with 2 megalithic twin stones has a structure linked to the weave which can be ‘activated’. The weave was fostered by the initiate, as well as the summits’ connections. At Goulier there is a vast amount of knowledge stored, which would be useful for space stations: weaving grids for ethericity, use of special stones, how to produce special stones, use of starlight, and more. To access that knowledge we’d need to be raised to a higher octave: Point and Underworlds. Pollution (farms, ski station, villages) damages the weave. The weave favours balance of moisture in soil. Involuting into the weave, a watery sound (harp like) could be felt, and afterwards a smell of green grass. The weave was bubblier some 8 centuries ago. There is a subtler layer, a transformed golden etheric, weaved by a man, and fostered by worship, which resonate with the White Dove and the heart and Column of Spirit.
MONTSEGUR, THE CATHARS AND THE WHITE DOVE: The White Dove is a connection of the Cathars, resonating with virgin snow. It strongly resonates with my heart. Montsegur has a BM crown, and the White Dove connection, and a Castle of Light which resonates with the Golden Wedding Garment. I firstly felt the White Dove (WD) on top of my Column of Spirit. Then I felt combinessence with the Dove (the Holy Spirit of early Christendom): Love, compassion, peace, filling and fulfilling my heart. During the trip done to Montsegur, I felt the Dove at all times. At Montsegur castle’s chapel, I felt the Dove descending, awesome, covering the whole building including myself, and feeling the Dove so strongly in my heart. I felt my strong link and commitment to Catharism in the past and, while descending the hill, I suddenly realized I had been gifted with a ring of 12 pearls in my heart. Afterwards, I felt it really was a crown with jewels, symbolizing the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven from God… into my heart! I still fill my heart plenty of joy! The ethericity that Montsegur has had is over. Before it was sieged and destroyed, it had an etheric layer akin to the Golden Wedding Garment, which resonates with that layer of myself, especially in my heart: opens and raises its pain, doing a thorough cleansing (while doing this vision space, my connector, Evie Lanitis said ‘you shine!’). A blue-dressed lady, Esclarmonde, in the space, an enlightened one. I could see clearly the pearls – and the crown – inside my heart. I could also feel great initiations and strong Light related to Montsegur, as well as the Dove again.
MONTSERRAT: There are so many layers. Strong link of my heart to Montserrat’s BM statue, to the child’s orb. The statue is as a switchboard of the whole weave. I feel the BM’s black substance filling me from below, increasing my density, solidity, joy. Next day, from blackness to redness, to goldenness… Feeling alchemical transformations inside me, from black to gold through red, white, and a thorough cooking going on inside. Feeling my COS shining, plenty of white light, diamond like. Feeling starlight feeding my COS’s high end, my Point. Montserrat is BM’s fiery blackness. The high beings of the stars feed from the Word of God, which relay to human beings: starlight of many colours and hues. Feeling cradled by the BM. Absorbing the rich frequencies of quintessence. Music and chanting feed the transformed etheric layers of the sacred weave. Etheric layers cannot be easily tapped in the space from a distance, therefore being an advantage to be in or close to the site.
GOLDEN AIRY LAYER: There are so many layers, even although there is a particular – golden – layer of energy, less subtle, which proceeds from the summits, rocky formations and cliffs. That layer has specks of golden flavour, and is very fluid and airy. It moves along the earth’s surface, following its topography (20 to 30 m above terrain) through streams and ravines, as well as rivers, although it never stops its flow, curving upwards if needed. It spreads where in valleys, moreover at lowlands, before meeting the sea, where it melts with the equivalent (silvery) layer which proceeds from the sea. Water has so many layers, some of them very spiritual! Dolmens could manage and focus that layer, which could even be used as a weapon or tool. Those streams of energy were weaved as well, although they are of no use now. Plants, animals and humans get some of its energy, although most of it gets diluted in the seas, or damaged by pollution. Same flavour as in Catí or Castellón. Perhaps there are slight changes in temperature where it flows, and quite likely it favours winds. What happens at coastal cliffs? Time to start instrumental research of physical magnitudes related to the layer: temperature, wind speed, magnetism, density, electrical properties, fields, gravity, termography… in different rocky formations or cliffs. Feeling Barkhan Seer and Sons of Apollo (Knights of Apocalypse) relationship to this particular layer. Machine composed by concentric revolving spheres of a golden matter.
MISCELLANEOUS: Past life disguised inside a coffin to avoid being killed: retention of breath which results in sudden and noisy inspirations this present life. Also the non physical girdle, which acts on the diaphragm. Good to focus on the pituitary while the air comes through the nostrils. Good to inhale air consciously, connecting pituitary through the Eye-Point. Movements of the body while space travelling through lofty spheres in states of great involution. I need a diet without water (cold) and air in order to foster my fire under the cauldron (no carbohydrates): meat, veggies and some oil. Water in diet dampers the fire > slow digestion > bloating > inflated belly and involuntary breaths from diaphragm contractions. Better fiery Montserrat for my belly than watery Goulier. Starry sky is heartness. Smoking: Wanting to expel air out of my system. Ana Alicia: sadness in my heart, ‘my mother doesn’t love me in the way I’d like’. Entity in my left kidney – red – with a tentacle that reaches my larynx going outside my body, having been catched in 1979 in Medina while going a night with some other militars.

Gaspar Llinares