Last week there was a big fire – 500 sqKm = island of Ibiza, Spain – near my place. The picture is from Jérica (Castellón, Spain), where a ‘green barrier’ of cypresses stood against that fire, with more than 90% of those cypresses alive and still green.
That plantation of 8,892 sqm of cypresses was within the context of an EU project: “CypFire”- “Barrières vertes de cyprès contre l’incendie: une solutión faisable, écologique et économique pour sauvegarder les régions méditerranées” (=Green barriers of cypress against fire: a feasible, ecologic and economic solution for protecting Mediterranean regions). I put a link of CypFire -you’ll find more if you wish to google it:
Moreover, it’s intended to use these green barriers as islands where to base against fire teams in case of forest fires.

Gaspar Llinares